Thursday, September 06, 2007

"Another Opening, Another Show"

Ahhh, Fall!! The beginning of the school year, crunchy autumn leaves, harvest festivals, pumpkins, apple cider and donuts, holiday craft shows, and the NEW THEATRE SEASON.

9 months

38 weeks

12 theatre venues

56 shows

8 musicals

48 straight shows

Our area has an amazing number and variety of theatre groups. No need to go to NY only to see the latest and best. (In addition, there are another 5 performance groups and venues in the area not counting local high school shows which can be amazing). I'm looking forward to seeing them all. It will be tough (trying to squeeze them all in between real life), it will be trying (sometimes hitting 2 or more shows a weekend. Shows come in waves, usually every 6-8 weeks with some weekends void of any show) it will be exhausting (3 shows a weekend is really too much!) it will be mind boggling boring (yes, there are some of those too) and it will be exciting and exhilarating (some really unusual, timely, and cutting edge shows from some companies and directors.

Will I blog about them? Probably not if I hope to continue working in this town. There are others who are covering the theatre scene far better than I. The City Pulse, The Lansing State Journal, Jane Zussman, Bridgette Redman, and Jim Fordyce cover all those bases well. When something truly amazing comes along I will probably wax eloquent on the show or an exceptional performance.

In the lyrics from Pippin,"We've got magic to do........ Just for you. We've got miracle plays to play. We've got parts to perform.... Hearts to warm. Kings and things to take by storm. As we go along."

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