Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Little Taste of Heaven

A new and fabulous Pastry shop has opened in East Lansing's Hannah Plaza called Chapelure. I read the wonderful review in the City Pulse and even though the photo in the CP does not do justice to the spectacularly decorated cakes it made me rush right out and check it out on my own. Trouble...for me...especially so close to the Italy trip and all that wonderful food but I just had to! (The photo here is a generic photo. I wasn't able to capture the one from City Pulse but Chapelure's is just as tempting)

It is absolutely as close to East Coast style pastries as you can get. I tried the unfussy croissant because I knew it would be the test! If it was crunchy and flaky and didn't need butter, it passed my test. It was everything I had hoped for. I'm in love. They have an outstanding array of gorgeous cakes and individual pastries as well as coffee drinks.

So pick up a City Pulse; read the article and the interesting background of the owners and then rush out and give them your business.


Katie said...

wait. It passed your standards? I think I just lost my way I'm life.

Wendy Fleming said...

Janey Jane....I must agree with Dr. Kate...passed YOUR standards test???? This place must be amazing. xoxo Wen

Jeanie said...

Might I just say -- WOW. I have GOT to go there. I pass Hannah every day after gym class. (OK, there's a disconnect there, but...)

I echo Katie and Wendy -- if it passes your standards, it's got to be good...

When do you leave? We've gotta talk! I'm north tomorrow for a week, but want to hit dinner sometime after September 4?