Thursday, January 08, 2009


I don't think I've ever written to anyone "famous" before. I'd too embarrassed. I mean really, who am I among the millions of other adoring fans?

But the time may have come. You see I have a new BFF, only he doesn't know it yet.

His name is Craig and we are soul mates; the same age, born the same year, in the same month, in NY, we owned the same first car he even knows where Schroon Lake is located. He reads my mind and channels my thoughts. I think we had the same Dad, or at least the same "Dad" garages.

I've been dying to tell him he's my new BFF and, hopefully, my new email pen pal but then there's that "millions of OTHER adoring fans" thing. I would be lost in the madding crowd.

You see, Craig is a little famous; he's a writer,a well known one with a really big paper (USA Today) .

I wait with baited breath for the Wednesday edition of USA Today. I discard all the other sections and go straight to Life, front page, below the fold. And there he is....Craig Wilson and The Final Word.

He writes about his dog, his partner, his Dad, finding a good contractor (too bad he doesn't live in MI, I'd send Larry over) and I cried when he wrote about losing his friend Vicki. I applauded his standing ovation inflation column. I think the only thing we don't agree on is camping. I mean, how can a boy growing up in upstate NY not like camping? Just normal everyday things; the little things. The stuff that is Life.

Lately I've become worried. After all, I know Craig's age! I'm afraid that one day I will open the paper and read that's he's decided to retire and lie on the beaches of Florida working on the ultimate tan.

So, Happy New Year Craig, my new BFF. I'll be in touch.


Wendy Fleming said...

I am crushed.

Jane said...

OK, OK, let's not get so literal. You know you're still my BFF

Wendy Fleming said...

Whew...I was having a pretty hard time with this all day. Worse than a bad hair day! Seriously, great article. You should send it to him. He would love it. xoxo

Jeanie said...

Well, right now I'm sitting in CapCity airport where I've been since 7 waiting for a rescheduled flight at 11:30 as the other was cancelled. Thank God for Internet and blogs!

You gave me his book several years ago and it's wonderful. Reading this post made me realize I need to pop in and buy a USA Today!