Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oh! Oh! Oh! Christmas Tree

The hunt for the "perfect" Christmas tree always used to send me into a tailspin of dread and anxiety. But many years ago I found two brothers who sold trees from their home that were fresh cut from their farm up north. They went up over Thanksgiving and brought the trees back with them. They were gorgeous! It still required going to their place in the freezing cold of Michigan, holding up trees to see what they looked like and then writing a hefty check, and hauling it home. But about 7 years ago they decided to retire to that farm up north, sold their property to a developer and left town!

It was panic time for me and a few years of trudging through the tree lots inreally freezing cold and semi darkness. Then.......ta da!.... a sign appeared at the red barn on the corner of my subdivision announcing blue spruce trees for sale. Not much parking and only about a dozen trees leaning against the barn BUT...they were all perfect! Every one of those blue spruces were gorgeous, in fact I don't even pick the tree out. I leave that to Larry, the True Blue Trees guys and they are only $25! Yes, 8 feet of blue spruce for $25. The best part? Larry also So for the past4 years I have had the most fabulous trees. One year he wasn't quite up to it and this year there was no sign out! Help...what to do? Before I took that long trudge out to some other tree places I called Larry and left a message. When he got back to me on Saturday afternoon, he said he wasn't doing any trees this year but he could get one for me. He was going out to his property Sunday and would cut a tree and deliver it. Did you get that??? He went out, picked out the tree, CUT it and DELIVERED IT the following day! The picture above is this years' tree. A plate of Christmas cookies is on it's way to Larry's house this week.

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Katie said...

thank you so much for the pic of the christmas tree... it's been too long since i've seen that wonderful sight... can't wait until i'm home sunday to see it in person!!!!