Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Life in Six Words

My friend Jeannie has challenged me to write my memoir in 6 words. Despite what she might be thinking, I have been thinking about this....ALL THE TIME, I might add and it's driving me crazy! She very succinctly did a beautiful job with"I love deeply; I love Joyfully". She puts me to shame with her creative crafty blog, so check her out; The Marmelade Gypsy (link to the right) "But I digress..." (hmmm the beginning of my memoir?). I have come up with dozens of ideas, mostly very irreverent, but none that I'm ready to commit to yet. I might just throw them out there on a daily basis and get feedback from you.

My witty meter is on lowlike my gas tank. I blame it on the new job but check out the site above for some very clever and funny "Memoirs"


Nora said...

Here's mine (off the cuff - my first thought)

Children grown, heart full, what's next?

Jane said...

Very nice!!! Love it.

Jeanie said...

I like Nora's memoir, too! It's a lot harder than one might think, isn't it! Thanks for doing it! If nothing else, it puts things in perspective!

Good to hear from you and hope all's well. Certainly sounds like things are happening in your world! Much to catch up on in person, I think!