Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Empty Nest

We are now officially "Empty Nesters." A whole lot sooner than we ever expected or could even get used to. I could have used a few months to wrap my head around the idea. I don't deal really well to change. Especially sudden and immediate change of such huge consequence.
You shout, " What???? Didn't John JUST graduate on Sunday? " From HIGH SCHOOL
Yes, you are absolutely right. He did just graduate (see his cute graduation photos below). BTW, school isn't even out yet for most student.
I thought he'd be working this summer, hanging out here and with his friends and then maybe by fall, start looking for a place. So it came as a huge shock to us.
We didn't have much time to get used to the idea; he moved into his new apartment with a friend (maybe two) last night. But, the shock has worn off; I'm looking around the house for things he can use and I let him take one of our old couches from downstairs and a chair of my Dad's and by Saturday he'll have a cool glass topped dining table.
It will be a huge reality check for John and I think it will be great for him. We'll be there to support him.

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Jeanie said...

Yikes! When I gave you that "empty nest" card on Saturday, I had NO idea you were going to literally be empty nesters! That will be a change. I loved the graphic you used here, and had a wonderful time. Just wish I could have stayed longer! It was the best party of any I attended! (And best weather, too!)