Sunday, June 22, 2008

"A String and a Prayer"

This Saturday, I spent a glorious 6 hours with 15 amazing women and Eleanor Wiley. Eleanor is a nationally recognized bead artist and author (of A string and a Prayer) and who specializes in making and sharing prayer beads.
I have been making prayer beads myself, very different from the ones I created this weekend, as well as Chakra bracelets however, I did not grow up with a religious tradition that used beads for prayer. What I learned was that prayer beads can also help us remember the things we are thankful for, things we need to pay more attention to, and of course people we want to remember in thought and prayer, and reminding us to be present.
I couldn't imagine how I would fill 6 hours with making prayer beads but the camaraderie, exploration, sharing and listening to Eleanor share her stories and experiences wasn't nearly enough time. I look forward to getting together with this group of women to continue to create and share.
The great news is that Eleanor will be back here again next year for another workshop.

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Jeanie said...

This was really neat -- I'm so glad you went -- it sounded interesting as well as productive and you made beautiful beads! Glad she is returning next year!