Monday, July 07, 2008

Small Town 4th

I LOVE the 4th of July. It's always been one of my favorite holidays and a time of celebration. I think it stems back to my childhood where my parent's friends the Mayans had an absolutely fabulous party; Chines lanterns and all.

So every year I have hosted a 4th of July party. This year it was preempted by another big occasion; John's high school graduation party.

I was at loose ends about what we'd do for the 4th until the stars began to align. Someone told me about Mason's 4th celebration with a classic car show and Katie decided to come home for the weekend.

What a glorious 4th. The car show was awesome and made me nostalgic for the antique car shows my Dad used to take me to in another small town; Greenport, NY. The cars were incredible and we had a blast shopping, hitting up the great little bookstore in town, the new ice cream parlor and my favorite eclectic store, Keens. Katie found some awesome material to make a gorgeous and very professionally crafted laptop bag.

We didn't quite make it to the fireworks but we sat around watching movies and had a bonfire where we made S'mores. What could be better. All in all the looooong weekend was packed with tons of things to do and culminated with the hilarious movie "Get Smart". Silly, improbable, wacky....everything you remember from the TV series.

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Jeanie said...

Rats! I wish I'd known about this! I spent all of July 4 "at sea," wandering aimlessly about and trying not to think about Greg's surgery the next day. Finally, I just cooked and cooked. Blueberry pie, and more. Then I walked to Eastwood and shopped aimlessly. Well, you certainly got great photos! Sounds like a wonderful and special day.