Thursday, February 14, 2008

How Time Flies

Hi, I'm Jane and it's been 6 weeks since my last blog!

There, that's out! Either I have been really busy or I lead the most boring life ever. More likely it's the winter blahs.

Since my last post, I have gotten so sick of seeing snow. It has snowed almost everyday and the temperatures have been brutal.

So what have I been doing?? Hmmm....

As one of the theatre critics for The Lansing State Journal's Thespie awards, I've seen a lot of great theatre lately. I can recommend both Art at Williamston and Murderers at Boarshead. Both of them fabulous shows and both are still running so you can catch them.What a delight to see Carmen Decker back on stage and to catch Laural Merlington, a former Boarshead mainstay.

I had the honor of adjudicating the Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Associations' Play Festival a few weeks ago. Participating in this activity is one of the things I miss most about retirement. It is a challenge and an absolute blast! Schools choose an appropriate show for this season(comedy or serious), cut it to a little under 45 min, rehearse, build a set that is amazing but will travel well, and perform at competitions against other schools. We aren't talking about any whimpy "high school" shows here. Many schools choose really tough stuff. I saw a 45 minute version of "Sweeney Todd" the other day! The first level is districts, then if you qualify, on to regionals, and from there the very lucky and talented schools go to States. It is the only time in theatre that you get honest and specific feedback by your peers (there is an oral and written critique by 3 judges immediately after your performance), you get a chance to work on the show for another 2 weeks making it better, changing it, reworking it , and then you get to perform it again! Three different judges and another batch of interesting shows.
Tommorrow I'm off to see the shows at States and what a lineup; 2 Antigones. Eurydice, Blood Brothers, Terra Nova, Spoon River, Bury the Dead, Emma's Child among others. I'm looking to reconnect with old friends and directors whose work I admire so much.

And....I get to see Katie again and celebrate Valentine's Day!

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