Thursday, April 03, 2008

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

You know it's SPRING when Girl Scout Cookies are in! I started looking for them in February, even checked the web site thinking they'd be perfect for Valentine's Day.
I was ecstatic, when in Ann Arbor several weeks ago, I discovered a store selling the cookies. My plan this time was to stuff the Easter baskets with them.

Of course, one box didn't quite make it home! Yes, I confess, I ate a whole box of thin mints. And it was glorious.

However, I made a monumental discovery- NOT ALL THIN MINTS ARE CREATED EQUAL! These thin mints weren't what I remembered. OK, it was a year ago since my last thin mint and yes, age, mine, may have a tiny bit to do with it BUT these were imposters!

My first clue should have been the wrap. These cookies were enrobed in that wafer thin silver foil that rips at the slightest pressure not the plastic sleeve that allows you to see all the cookies, savor, count and ration them

The next clue was the size! These babies weren't as thin as I remembered. They were slightly cakier, a little too "fat". My thin mints had been overindulging this year.

And then there was the shape. The edge had a slightly larger scallop as opposed to a tiny ruffle.

Were they good? YES Were they great? No

I had heard that several bakeries made GS cookies. Hmmm...maybe a different bakery. Some one at Curves said they were made in Chicago and Cleveland. Ok, I'm closer to Chicago. Ann Arbor, and hour south of us, may be geographically challenged and believe they were closer to Cleveland.

In the process I found the cookies locally. Voila! The cookie of my childhood. They hadn't changed the recipe. It WAS the bakery.
So, I went back to the source....the box...and the good stuff is from Little Brownie Bakers, how punny, in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville? What?? My favorite state, horse racing (see earlier blog) and the home to the MINT julep. Makes sense to me.

The best news? You don't have to know a GS to find the cookies. They're sold outside every big box store in your town. Go forth, and indulge. Celebrate spring!

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Jeanie said...

Ha! This is so good. I'm a seriously intense GS Cookie fan. I've been good about my thin mints, though. Haven't opened them yet. Now I'm curious and will have to!