Friday, April 11, 2008

Home Town Boy Makes it Big!

Of course, that is the understatement of the decade but it made you wonder, didn't it?

Greg Ganakas is indeed a hometown boy but for the last 25 or so years he's made a huge name for himself. He's directed at the Goodspeed, won the 2007 Helen Hayes award for Caroline or Change, directed Julie Andrews, is affiliated with Radio City and NYU and so much more. Google him and check out his website for detailed information.

We are privileged to get to see his work, right here in East Lansing, without traveling to New York. Greg is directing the MSU production of Babes in Arms so make reservation NOW and Don't miss it!

Eons ago, I had a blast directing Greg as Snoopy in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Of course, he stole the show. And then there was that road trip to New York City. Hmmmm.


Jeanie said...

We're going Friday night and I can't wait! I remember your Charlie Brown! I know you're a tough critic -- this is one review to savor!

Anonymous said...
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Jeanie said...

Saw it last night. To die for. I'm taking the tap workshop today!

Jeanie said...

I tagged you for a challenge! Visit the Gypsy and check it out!