Monday, October 06, 2008

Rainy Days

The blue pod people

It's Monday and it's raining. How appropriate. Rainy days and Mondays in the Fall are a bonus. Rainy days slow us down; they stop us in our frenetic daily pace and make us rethink our options. A perfect day for "nesting" and cleaning closets, or making art, or writing on the blog, paying the bills, or cocooning. I propose that every rainy Monday should be a day off. Thankfully, I do have Mondays off but if you don't, consider taking a rainy Monday off and reward yourself.

It rained quite often in Italy and in fact the last day in Cortona it rained all day. There wasn't much we thought we could do photography wise but Jeff, my photo class buddy, and I took cover under a second level covered balcony cafe overlooking Piazza Republica and shot a series of "umbrella" photos.

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Jeanie said...

I wish I'd read this earlier! (Except it's not Monday, it's Wednesday, but you get it!) Love the umbrellas. Yes, I'd rather be home doing art, blogging, reading a book, even cleaning a closet! But I'm here...