Saturday, November 29, 2008

The "Face"* that Launched a Thousand Words

*for further explanation of the use of the quotation mark check out Kate's very funny take on it at drkatie...(linked here)

FACEBOOK, that is. I've finally been pressured and guilted into creating a Facebook account; this, the woman who has had a blog for the past two years and has talked others into starting their blogs! So, a little late to the game but fully engaged now.

And I thought being a part of the blogosphere was time consuming. You could get lost for weeks in the Facebook world. But such fun.

So check me out on Facebook; friend me, write me, call me, follow me, whatever.


Wendy Fleming said...

As I said before...welcome to facebook. I don't spend any time with mine other than reading other people's stuff...I guess I am a voyeur by nature. (Is that how you spell voyeur? I have never really written it down.) But Janie, who/what is the picture of? A doll? An ornament? Please enlighten us!! xoxo Wendy

Mom said...

The face is a close up of a photo I took in Florence in front of a junk shop. She's actually a free standing mannequin. I'll post the full shot of her on facebook in profile pictures at some point.

Mom said...

Hmm. How come am I mom not Jane? Trying again

Katie said...

haha.... an ex-luddite. ;) yeah fb is a little time consuming in the beginning, but like i said it gets less and less over time.

and weird that it's calling you mom. let me know if i need to break into your account and mess around.

Jeanie said...

I'll have to find you! I've got two FBs -- one for work, one not, but they get so mixed up, either works!

Do I ever much visit it? Not really. But I'm getting there!