Sunday, November 23, 2008

Funny No Matter What Side You Were On

I received this hilarious video from Carol Guest, our tireless Obama field director, that is so spot on I thought I would share it. It doesn't matter if you are an Obama or McCain supporter you will find this amusing.

What IS sad is that I so readily identify with the feelings expressed. In fact, right after the election, I wrote about the feeling of being at loose ends after the campaign as identical to what we in theatre call Post Show Blues. You spent enormous amounts of time day after day working with others on achieving a collective goal; electing a new president or putting on a show. When you reach that goal and the candidate wins or the show opens then closes there is a euphoria followed by a sadness and a sense of loss.

Fortunately I WAS in the middle of doing a show so the day after the election I had a rehearsal and a new purpose in life to help me get over it!

But.....I still haven't been able to delete my Obama Supporters group from my email list and I sometimes find myself secretly whispering to acquaintances, "Were you an Obama supporter" before I launch into another ancedote or suggesting a new video to Watch

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