Saturday, August 01, 2009

On the Road

A bit of random trivia for Rothschild fans and cast.

Matt Ottinger, in his many travels, came across both the 1776 and Rothschilds programs from their pre/Broadway tours, in of all places an antique shop in Howell. He gave those to me the other day and I have read them cover to cover. Thank you Matt! What fun.

The Rothschilds is the most fascinating since it was on the way to its Broadway opening. As often happens a show will change along the way; scenes dropped or added, cast members changed, characters written in or out, songs rewritten or dropped. So here are some songs that we didn't get to sing:

Jew Do Your Duty
I Will Bow
Mayer's Fine Coins
William's Fine Troops
My Cousin Christian
You're a Fraud, Sir -
probably Hannah's song before they wrote in the love story
Gold Smuggler's Gavotte-
just think ensemble, you may have gotten to learn another dance

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Jeanie said...

Very cool about the program! Go, Matt!