Wednesday, August 29, 2007

All in the Family

Izzy at 6 weeks (above)

Izzy at 12 weeks! (right)
Wow! How she's grown in just a month and a half.
We discovered this week that one of Izzy's brothers lives a few houses down from us! What an amazing coincidence.
I was out taking my 3 mile walk the other day, without Izzy; her little legs can't quite take it yet, when I caught up with a man walking a golden that looked so much like Izzy and about the same age. Of course I had to stop; his golden was so adorable and really who can pass up a puppy? We got talking about our puppies, their ages, where we got them and discovered that their dog Bobby came from the same litter as Izzy. We had both seen our puppies at the post office on the 4th of July. What are the odds of that? These puppies and their breeder must really make the rounds because two other people have stopped me to ask if Izzy was one of the "Williamston" puppies.
Izzy has since been over to play with Bobby where they tumbled, chased, nibbled, and froliced for an hour.

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Katie said...

she is SOOOO cute and I miss her (and you guys) SO much. can't wait to see all of you this weekend. yeah camping! yay labor day! yea for having to bring lots of stuff to study (just kidding on the last one).