Thursday, August 02, 2007

And so it begins....

Kate has left home once again, this time not so far. She has moved into her apartment in Detroit about to start med school next week. This week is orientation and we join her on Saturday for Parent's Day and the white coat ceremony which is exactly what it sound like. She will receive her official white coat. More on that later.
I was more nervous about her moving to Detroit than I was about her moving to Thailand. However, she has found a fabulous apartment in downtown Detroit, blocks from both Greektown and the Renaissance Center in a high rise bounding Lafayette Park. She's on the 17th floor of a gated, guarded, building with a spectacular view of the city, Detroit River, and Canada. The apartment building has a pool, an workout center, and she's in a corner apartment with glass on two sides.

We had a great time last week doing the IKEA thing with her roommate Eileen and her mom. The last tenants added the glass on the wallopposite her windows, which reflects the city. The view at night is awesome. I'm looking forward to watching fireworks from there. (Don't worry, the fireworks are actually not on the 4th, so the party is still a go).

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