Friday, August 03, 2007

"...And they call it puppy love.."

Many of you know that our wonderful and sweet dog Baxter died last August. I needed to take some time and distance from that before we were ready to bring another dog into our lives. John has been pushing hard to get another dog and I was delaying until Katie came back from Thailand so she could help in the process. We had been looking in the paper, visiting dog events, the humane society, and checking out pet finder but I wasn't moving very quickly on this one. Must be inertia. But on the 4th of July John called me and said a man had puppies at the post office. The breeder had stopped at the PO to mail something and had let the puppies out to frolic.Naively I thought we would find a puppy, explain to the breeder that we were having a huge party that day and couldn't possibly bring home a dog that day.

That thought lasted all of the time it took to drive to the PO. At that point there was no turning back. The first big decision was boy? or girl? John strongly pressed for a boy named, get this, Admiral Wolverine Lightning Bolt! Kate and I wanted a sweet little girl. You know, people talk about how they go visit a litter of puppies and there's always one that seeks them out or truly snuggles up to them. That is exactly what happened. The puppies all looked the same and Katie picked up one that just snuggled in and fell asleep in her arms. "We want that one!"
Turns out it was, you got it, a girl. We nixed John's name and tried for something more patriotic, after all it was the 4th of July and I had just finished directing the inspiring patriotic musical 1776. So we named her Liberty. For about 6 hours. John and Larry weren't big fans of the name so we began tossing out other names and checking names online.

I threw out Izzy and it seems to have stuck. So Izzy it is! She weighed in at a mere 5lbs 7oz's on her first vet visit and as of yesterday she's up to 14lbs.

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