Friday, August 24, 2007

Drastic Changes

It was time! It was past time!
I needed a new look after, yikes, 20 years!
My good friend Wendy( see earlier post) shanghai-ed me and took me to her stylist in the Detroit area. So I put my head in Kendra's very stylish hands, told her I didn't want to be brown but still blonde enough that I looked blondish and that I desperately needed a new style.
Shocking at first. Yes! To me it looked more brown than blonde but I have recovered and am super happy with the color. Compare it with other pictures on this blog.


Katie said...

I LOVE IT!! What did dad and john say?

Katie said...

p.s. your all consuming is working. and you are now reading the best book ever (however, you might want to consume it before too many people see it)

Wendy Fleming said...

I did what?? I must say that it did not take much convincing to get you into that hair salon my friend. And I must say that this picture, even though I took it, does not do you justice. You look amazing and beautiful and younger and WOW, can I say this here...SEXY!! Change is good. Change is good. Love you, Wendy