Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cooking in Cortona

From the movie set of Under the Tuscan Sun.
At the very top of the Cortona is the Albergo Ristorante Portole the sight of our Tuscan cooking class. The adorable Evan with the help of Dennyse our Cortonan renaissance woman (she runs her own travel agency, teaches cooking, drives taxi, and a multitude of other jobs) prepared with our assistance a wonderful of ( The real Bramisole and the movie Bramisole)
foccaccia with tuscan meats and cheeses, gnocci with fresh tomatoes, roasted herbed chicken, roasted potatoes, and a berry tart all the while plying us with wine, grappe, and limoncello.

Our drive down the hill took us by the real Bramisole from Under the Tuscan Sun and the church of Santa Margherita. (The photo of the pink house close to the road is the movie set house.

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kris said...

Beautiful photos!
I can't help but think about the movie Enchanted April in all of this. Thanks for sharing so much about your trip.