Monday, September 15, 2008

Lights Camera

Heading up to Cortona

Camera and manual in hand we headed up the hill to Cortona for a day of shooting. Our assignment was to shoot with an eye to small detail rather than the whole picture. I'm using a point and shoot kinda gal so this was a challenge but so much more interesting.

We regrouped at Stacey's apartment to preview and review our photos and then it was back down to town, lunch, and a Duomo and cemetary for more shooting.

Last night the entire group of 25 got together for dinner at the most incredible Italian restaurant for a full 5 course traditional Italian meal; bruscetta, pasta, lemon chicken, salad and tiramisu for dessert with a lemoncello chaser. The walk back home was absolutely a must after so much great food.

Today we are off to Deruta, a ceramics town, a family run olive oil company and some wine tasting.

The hotel computer is acting cranky so I haven't been able to post pictures, much to my dismay. Hopefully tonight I will be able to remedy that.

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Jeanie said...

I love the view of the building rooftops. And those dinners are making me wild with envy!