Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall is a Festival

If it wasn't enough that I went to Italy this September, I returned to Fall in all its glory! Fall is a festival unto itself. It doesn't really need decorations; it is one. It really doesn't need festivals either but some times they do enhance that nostalgic feel of fall.

I went to the Fallasburg Fall Festival today. I haven't missed this festival since my friend Sue took me three years ago. It is spectacular and sets just the right mood for welcoming in the season. I tell friends it is the quintessential fall festival.

The grounds of the Fallasburg Park are gorgeously arrayed in nature's spectacular color along with some human enhancement, the crowds are manageable, the arts and crafts are first rate, the food, cooked by local organizations, is as tasty as its temping aromas. Combine that with live music and the smell of burning wood from the lodge and it is perfection.

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