Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kindred Hearts

A word about my traveling companions, compatriots, and fast friends.

This was quite a leap of faith for me to go off to Italy, on my own, to take a workshop on photography (I take pictures not photographs) not knowing anyone on this trip,, with the exception of Jane Rosemont, the workshop director.
It took less than a day for this group to gel and form relationships. Ours is a tiny group of three but we seem to have known each other in another life. The other group of 16 or so, are here taking an assemblage class with artist Michael deMeng. For those who are not familiar with Michael or his process I have posted a few photos.

This group of people from all over the US, Canada, and one from England is not only fun to be with but all of them are so incredibly talented too. We have had a blast together. Although most times we go off on our photo shoots we regroup for sightseeing and meals. As soon as I get all the contacts I will link you to some of their websites or blogs.


kris said...

This was an encouraging entry. I have been thinking about taking a workshop for a couple of years but my friends can never go for a variety of reasons. You went by yourself! Good for you. I will have to try it. Sounds like you are having SO much fun.

Jeanie said...

Michael deMeng's work is son terrific! I've always wanted to take a class with him, and one reason why I so wanted to go to Italy was not only to experience Jane's activities but yours. This is fabulous, Jane!