Wednesday, September 17, 2008


How can I possibly sum up what the last two days have been like? It's a whirlwind and a blur but let me try.

We spent a day in Florence, well about 6 hours, not nearly enough time. We stopped in the most amazing working apothecary shop, sort of a ancient Bath and Body with a museum. The scents alone were worth the visit.

The first piazza we came to captivated us with its working carousel. My photography assignment was to "look up" Not hard in Florence when almost everything IS up. Then on to the Duomo in the center of the city. If you've watched the PBS series The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance you'll know the story of the Medici's and understand the significance of the completed dome. This is also the site of those famous gold doors. Unfortunately the crowds are huge and the lines snake for hours. An Italian style cafeteria, all the food is displayed in the case and all you have to do is point, easy and quick, was actually fabulous. After days of pastries and pasta it was nice to finally have some fresh fruit.
Most of the quick eating places have cut up fresh fruit gorgeously displayed.

The famous Ponte Vecchio, the bridge over the river Arno, was bustling with tourists looking for good deals on jewelry. Every one of the dozens of shops on the bridge sells jewelry. Sadly there was not enough time for more shopping or sightseeing

BTW...Love the trains in Italy.

After a day of shooting at Le Celli, (more later) founded by St. Francis in 1211, we headed to the top of Cortona for a cooking class (see entry).

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Jeanie said...

Oh, my gosh! I'm salivating at your cooking class. And the photographs and the experiences! I heard a bit about the Florence experience through the grapevine. This is amazing. I'd kill for that class! I can't wait to see your stuff!