Sunday, September 14, 2008

Il Pozzo

The well in Italian but also the name of a beautiful gallery and gift shop in Cortona. The owner Evan built his shop in an old piazza in Cortona but as he was lowering the floor by some 3-4 feet ( he is very tall) he discovered the hidden well thus changing his design plan and the name of his shop. Check out his shop online. The well is inside the shop and is it's focal point. After a wine and pizza reception we wandered around the town, checked out the home of Stacy our tour organizer and headed home with a gelato stop along the way.

I spent my day wandering Cortona , after I caught my breath, that is, hauling myself up the hill to town. Cortona is, after all, a hill town, a VERY STEEP hill town.

By the way, Italy is BIG on Obama. Stickers, buttons, and passionate support. Too bad we can't transport some Italians to America to vote. I met a delightful women in a local shop and we ended up chatting for about an hour, mostly about Obama. She runs a beautiful gift shop and she shared her photography with me as well.

Had lunch at a Trattoria; bruschetta and spaghetti pomodor, waited out a driving rain storm under the archway of the museum and then back to the hotel to dry out.

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Jeanie said...

I love following your journey! I hope the Obama factor rubs off over here... it's feeling dicey. Oh, your images are so beautiful. I can see by reading your posts how this workshop and trip is changing your photo point of view!